This document contains the general terms and conditions of or the conditions of use of the website, which govern the rules of use, including the conclusion of insurance contracts via the online platform of the site.
2. DETAILS OF THE TRADER (The Insurance Company)
2.1. EUROINS LIFE Insurance Company EAD with seat and registered address in Sofia, 43 Christopher Columbus Blvd., telephone: *2555, e-mail:
2.2. Insurance company EUROINS LIFE EAD has an insurance license with a decision of the Financial Supervision Commission 1601-ЖЗ / 12.12.2007.
3.1. Insurer – EUROINS LIFE Insurance company PLC;
3.2. Site – the domain and its subdomains;
3.3. Web page - a distinct place on the World Wide Web, accessible through its unified address (URL), located on a separate page within the domain, containing files and information about the service provided by the company;
3.4. Content
  • all the information on the Site that is accessible via an Internet connection and the use of a device connected to the Internet;
  • the content of any message from the User to the Seller sent by electronic devices and/or any other available devices for communication;
  • any information provided in any way by an employee/associate of the Seller to the User by electronic devices or other ways of remote transmission;
  • information related to the Products and/or applicable tariffs by the Insurer within a certain period of time;
  • data about the Insurer or other data related to the Insurer;
3.5. Client/User - any natural or legal person or other legal entity that uses the Insurer's site in any way, including but not limited to looking at it, concludes insurance contracts via it and others;
3.6. Order - a document representing a form of communication between the Insurer and the User through which the Buyer declares to the Insurer through the Site his intention to take out insurance;
3.7. Order Confirmation - Notice to the User by the Insurer that he accepts to perform the entrusted actions to conclude an insurance contract.
3.8. Insurance - any insurance product that can be claimed through the Site;
3.9. Police - Insurance contract;
3.10. Questionnaire - A set of questions aimed at identifying the insuring subject, its health and financial condition in connection with the conclusion of the specific insurance chosen by them;
3.11. Contract - represents the contract between the Insurer and the User concluded remotely, an integral part of which is the present General Terms and Conditions for use of the Site;
3.12. Service performance – the conclusion of an insurance policy;
4.1. The general terms and conditions of use of are mandatory for all users of the Site.
4.2. Any use of this SITE means that (a) you have carefully consulted the terms of use and (b) you have agreed to unconditionally abide by them.
4.3. The terms and conditions may be changed unilaterally by the Insurer at any time by updating them. These changes take effect immediately and are binding on all users.
4.4. The Insurer has the right to make changes to the Terms of Use of the Site at any time in their sole discretion or if they are imposed by virtue of a legislative act that has taken legal effect. They may have a retroactive effect on already delivered and confirmed orders.
4.5. In any case of changing the general terms and conditions, the Insurer shall inform their Clients accordingly by posting the changes to the Site. In this sense, you as a Client have a duty to refer to any changes to the Terms of Use of the Site every time you use it.
4.6. If any of the provisions of these General Terms of Use of the Site are found to be invalid or unenforceable irrespective of the reason, this shall not invalidate or render applicable the other provisions.
5.1. Through a set of distinct webpages within the domain, the Insurer offers to the user insurance products for which he has a license.
5.2. Applying for insurance through the Site is free of charge. The user shall not owe any other commissions, fees or costs beyond the policy premium determined under the applicable rate of insurance for the insurance he has chosen.
5.3. The insurance premium shall be determined by the tariff terms of the Insurer at the time of applying for insurance.
5.4. The price of the insurance includes all administrative and other charges, as applicable to the particular type of insurance. The type, size and applicability of the costs included in the price of the insurance other than a premium are stated in the insurance policy.
5.5. The user is able to make an indicative calculation of the insurance premium insurance premium for the insurance he chooses by using the Site calculator before making the policy order. The check does not bind the user with an Order for Insurance.
5.6. The individual information provided to the client for a specific insurance is valid for the particular session of use of the Site.
5.7. The information on the page is updated by the Insurer in good time when changing the tariffs or conditions of the insurance products.
5.8. The service is applicable for:
  • local physical persons who are adult, able and not subject to prohibition;
  • legal entities registered under the Trade Act of the Republic of Bulgaria.
5.9. A contract concluded by persons other than those listed in paragraph 5.8 is invalid.
5.10. Condition for service performance. Periodicity of delivery:
5.10..1. The service is provided on the initiative of and at the explicit request of the user.
5.10..2. Service provision order:
5.10..2.1. depending on the subject of the insurance, the user chooses one of the insurance offered on the web page.
5.10..2.2. the user describes his/her risk profile by answering correctly and exhaustively to all the questions and by filling in correctly all the data fields provided in the questionnaire. The answers are declarative in terms of their credibility.
5.10..2.3. before sending a Policy Order, the user must give a precise and complete e-mail address and phone number for a contact.
5.10..2.4. the Insurer may use a telephone to further confirm each Order or check the data provided by the user.
5.10..2.5. in the case of doubt as to the authenticity of the information provided by the user, errors, omissions, discrepancies; refusal on the part of the user to provide additional information required by the Insurer in connection with the order or to certify the quality of the information provided with a relevant document or other circumstances that prevent the policy from being concluded under standard tariff conditions or which were not known to the Insurer at the time of preparation of the offer, the same might refuse to take out the insurance or make a new offer. The Insurer shall inform the user of their refusal by phone or e-mail.
5.10..2.6. in the absence of a ground for refusal, the Insurer accepts the order. He shall inform the user of the order acceptance by e-mail. The Insurer shall issue a policy for the accepted Order.
5.10..2.7. the insurer shall send the policy and the accompanying documents to the delivery address specified by the User.
5.10..2.8. by signing the received policy, the User certifies the execution of the order.
5.10..2.9. the fulfilment date is the date on which the policy was received by the User.
6.1. By registering an Order in the Site, the User agrees to declare that he wishes to receive the relevant Insurance from the Insurer, after insurance premium payment.
6.2. The insurance contract between the Insurer and the User shall be deemed to have been concluded at the time of receipt, by courier, and the signing by the Client of the insurance policy and the related documents.
7.1. Access to the Site is allowed to any Client.
7.2. Euroins Life reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to restrict any Client’s access to the Site, if it believes that this would be to the detriment of the Company in any way whatsoever. The User may therefore contact the Insurer in order to be informed of the reasons which have led to the application of the above mentioned measures. The Insurer shall not be liable for any damages which the User has suffered or may suffer as a result of this decision, regardless of its correctness or ground.
7.3. All insurance premiums calculated trough the Site are indicative, shown in Bulgarian leva (BGN) or euro (EUR) including all taxes or fees required by law.
7.4. The Insurer shall not be held responsible for any expenses in connection with fees, commissions or other additional payments made by the User in connection with the transaction itself, as well as in the cases of exchange of currency applied by the Bank issuing the card to the client, in the cases where the currency is different. The costs associated with such payments are solely at the expense of the User.
7.5. All images posted on the Site are solely intended to provide some insight into the type of Goods/Service offered, rather than to represent it accurately. Accordingly, some of the images of the Goods /Services on the Site (static/dynamic images/multimedia presentations, etc.) may not match the appearance of the Goods or create a false impression of the Service offered. The Client shall not be entitled to seek any liability from the Seller for such inconsistencies.
8.1. The User may choose one or more of the insurance offers on the web page.
8.2. The User may request additional information from the Insurer in connection with its proposed insurance products
8.3. The User is required to receive the policy and pay in full the premium agreed upon at the Order.
8.4. The User has the right to renounce the concluded contract on the grounds of Art. 12 of the Remote Provision of Financial Services Act.
8.5. The User may exercise his/her right of withdrawal by submitting a notice of his/her waiver request containing the order number to the Insurer's e-mail.
8.6. The User's denial may be unmotivated.
8.7. The period for exercising the right of withdrawal is until the execution of the order but no more than 15 days from the date of order confirmation.
8.8. If the right of withdrawal is exercised after the date of commencement of the insurance, the Insurer has the right to deduct part of the premium paid corresponding to the period during which the policy has acted.
8.9. If the right of withdrawal is exercised after the policy has been delivered, the User shall be obliged to refund to the Insurer the cost of the courier service.
8.10. The User shall be liable, including criminally, for the reliability of the information provided and the circumstances declared, as well as for the right to provide somebody else’s data in their own name to third parties.
8.11. The User undertakes to use the Site in accordance with the applicable laws, rules and regulations.
8.12. The User has no right to send to or through the web site any viruses, Trojan horses, worms, or anything created or intended to interfere with, interrupt or destroy the normal functioning of a computer. Any unauthorized modification, intrusion or alteration of any information on the Site or any interference with the availability or access to the Site is strictly prohibited.
8.13. The User may not use robots, spiders or other automated means, programs, algorithms, methodologies or any other similar or equivalent to non-automated process of accessing, using, copying or monitoring any part of the Site or its content.
8.14. The User has no right to reproduce or circumvent the navigation structure or presentation of the page and its content in any way in order to receive any information or data which, regardless of the considerations, are not intentionally provided through the page.
8.15. The User undertakes not to use any device, software, or other means to interfere or attempt to interfere with the normal operation of the page, the operations performed through it or its use by other users.
9.1. The Insurer is required to provide all necessary information on the conditions under which the insurance will be concluded.
9.2. Upon request by the User, the Insurer is required to provide further advice.
9.3. The Insurer has the right to refuse to execute (cancel) the Order made by the Client and/or take out insurance if there are grounds under item for which he/she should inform him/her.
9.4. The insurer shall not be obliged to monitor the terms of payment of the premium and renewal of the insurance contracts concluded through the page.
9.5. The Insurer has the right at any time to modify or suspend, temporarily or permanently, the page or parts thereof or the service provided through it without prior notice to the User.
9.6. In the event that the Insurance applied for and paid in advance cannot be issued by the Client for objective reasons, the latter shall inform the Client about this and will refund the already paid insurance premium to their account within 10 (ten) working days of the date on which the Insurer has established this fact or the date on which the User has clearly expressed its wish to terminate the insurance contract.
10.1. The Insurer shall take the necessary measures to protect user information provided through the site.
10.2. Any other confidential information is on a secure server behind a firewall.
11.1. The Insurer is not responsible for the availability of the page for Internet users.
11.2. Through the site, the Insurer does not provide in any way any legal, accounting or other professional advice, opinion or recommendation. The Company, its managers, its employees or third parties are not liable for damages arising out of or in connection with the use of the page or the information published therein.
11.3. The Insurer is not responsible for the content, accessibility, timeliness, completeness, accuracy, reliability, and applicability of the published information on external pages, links to which are posted on the Site.
11.4. Despite the efforts made, the Insurer does not guarantee the full security of the information transmitted through the page. The Insurer shall not be held liable for possible unauthorized actions by third parties.
11.5. Despite the efforts made, the Insurer does not guarantee that the page and its contents are free from viruses, Trojan horses, worms, or anything else designed to interfere, interrupt, or destroy the normal functioning of a computer.
11.6. The Insurer shall not be liable for all damages or losses resulting from non-fulfilment of the User's obligations
12.1. Content, as defined in the Definitions chapter, including, but not limited to, the logos, any graphic images or inscriptions, trade symbols, dynamic symbols, texts and/or multimedia content of the Site, are the exclusive property of EUROINS LIFE EAD.
12.2. The Insurer has and retains all intellectual property rights in any way associated with the Site, whether their own or obtained through contractual licenses or in any other lawful manner by third parties.
12.3. Any Content to which the Client has access, regardless of the means, is subject to regulation by these terms and conditions
12.4. Outside of the User's right under 12.5, the content or parts thereof shall not be used, copied, reproduced, published, provided, downloaded, modified, displayed or transmitted in any form or medium without the prior written permission of the Insurer. Simply posting to the Client or referral to the Content or parts thereof by the Insurer shall not be deemed to be his consent to allow the Client to use the Content or parts of it for purposes other than its personal needs.
12.5. To the extent that this does not conflict with the terms of use of the page, the User has the right to access and use the page to display, download, archive or print parts of the page for personal and temporary use only.
13.1. By using the Site, the User declares that he is advised that by providing any personal or other data to the Insurer, he agrees that they will be used by the latter for any legitimate purposes under the terms of the Personal Data Protection Act without the need for the Insurer to seek the consent of the User for their processing on a case-by-case basis.
13.2. The User is not entitled to make public statements, representations or other public disclosures about the Order or the Insurance Contract without the prior written consent of the Insurer.
13.3. By providing your data to the Insurer (including e-mail), the Client expressly agrees to be contacted by the Insurer or third parties who are partners of the Insurer and are suppliers of marketing services, government, municipal or non-governmental agencies, where provided by specific legislation, as well as other companies with which the Insurer may develop joint programmes.
13.4. By using the page, the User declares that he is notified and agrees with the following:
13.4..1. the data provided by him/her is transmitted electronically in real time through a secure connection to a server under the control of the Insurer;
13.4..2. the volume and type of data the Insurer collects depends on the policy selected by the User;
13.4..3. personal data are provided voluntarily, on the initiative and with the express consent of the User;
13.4..4. by sending a request for insurance, the User declares that he has obtained the explicit consent of the individuals indicated by him in the insurance questionnaire, their personal data to be stored, processed or provided to third parties by the Insurer under the terms of the Personal Data Protection Act, in connection and for the purpose of bidding, concluding and administering insurance;
13.4..5. by filling out the data in the Order Form, the Client declares and accepts unconditionally that his personal data will be included in the Insurer's database.
14.1. The Insurer undertakes to send the issued insurance policies through a courier company to an address designated by the User or in an office of the courier company, subject to the choice of the Client.
14.2. The Insurer will ensure the appropriate packaging of the Insurance Policy and the forwarding of accompanying documents thereto.
14.3. The issued insurance policies will be delivered only on the territory of Bulgaria.
14.4. Delivery is free for the User, regardless of the cost of the order.
14.5. The insurance policy and the accompanying documents are only delivered personally to the insured person. No third party shall be able to accept the delivery.
14.6. The insurer shall not be liable for any incurred delivery costs, if the insured person is not found at the specified address.
14.7. Upon receipt of the insurance policy, the Insured Person is obliged to open the delivery in front of the courier and to place his own signature at the places marked for this purpose.
14.8. The courier will take the signed form and will close it in front of the User, and will return it back to the Insurer.
14.9. By this, the Insurance Contract will be deemed to have been concluded.
The Insurer shall not be liable for any damage suffered by The User or third parties as a result of force majeure or circumstances beyond his control.
Any disputes arising between the parties under contracts concluded on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions shall be settled through negotiations and in the absence of agreement - by the competent court in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.
All contracts concluded on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions shall be subject to and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.
18.1. Pre-contractual or other information and the general terms and conditions governing the agreement with the User are provided in Bulgarian and English.
18.2. The communication with the User during the performance of the contracts concluded on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions shall be in Bulgarian and English.
19.1. This site uses cookies. For its correct operation, you must enable cookies in your browser.
19.2. Using the Back or Refresh buttons on your browser is undesirable.
19.3. These Terms are accepted by the User by ticking a check box or clicking the I Agree or I Confirm button.
19.4. These General Terms and Conditions may be unilaterally changed by the Insurer. For each change, he will notify the User by posting a message on the web page.
19.5. These general terms and conditions may be supplemented or modified by additional click agreements. For these cases, the Insurer requires the explicit consent of the User, which may be expressed by ticking a check box or by clicking the I Agree or I Confirm button. If the additional agreements conflict with the General Conditions, the additional agreements shall apply.
19.6. If any of the provisions in these General Terms and Conditions is invalid or unenforceable to a certain extent, it shall be legally replaced by the mandatory rules of the law and shall not invalidate the other provisions.

These General Terms and Conditions have been adopted by the Board of Directors of EUROINS LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY EAD, by Minutes of 31.05.2017 and come into force on 01.06.2017.
EUROINS LIFE Insurance Company EAD, 43 Hristopher Columbus Blvd., insurance license by decision of the Financial Supervision Commission 1601- ЖЗ / 12.12.2007.