Faster, Еasier and at a Better price!
Faster, Еasier and at a Better price!
Protect your credit
Protect your mortgage or consumer loan with Oli’s insurance program, and you will never have to worry again.
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Why take a life insurance with your loan?

Are you worried that your loved ones could have financial difficulties if something unpleasant and unexpected happens to you, then you need Life insurance.

Life Insurance can protect you and the people you love by covering your credit payments in case of Unemployment, Temporary or Permanent disability or death.

Choose your insurance

Choose your insurance

If you have an existing life insurance, we at Oli are your one-stop online assistant to help you move your policy, worry free. Compare your life insurance with Oli’s.

We at Oli, want you to know if you are paying too much and are adequately protected, hassle free.

In any case, you can see all your options with our online calculator.

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About Oli

Oli is an online-only insurance for retail customers and small businesses, using the full potential of technology to give a better and faster experience to its customers. Online Lifestyle Insurance (Oli) is a start-up insurance backed by the Euroins Life Insurance, supported by Euroins Insurance Group Ltd and reinsured by Swiss RE.

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